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The corpse had not decomposed but had become mummified in the hot, dry conditions at the time of his death. Who wouldn’t be scared? American man Matt Gone was so unhappy with his birthmarks that he has had 94 per cent of his body covered in a checkerboard tattoo. Three million of your red blood cells die each second! Luckily, your body is replacing them just as quickly – one drop of your blood contains five million red blood cells. A blister contains lymph and other body fluids. This is what makes them squidgy and tempting to pop!

It is illegal to sell margarine with colouring in Quebec. Low quality cod liver oil smells of rotten fish and rancid oil. It tastes pretty yucky too! The cider presses were made of lead and lead shot was used to clean them. qxd 12/6/07 9:38 am Page 64 64 1001 Gruesome Facts Pokeweed leaves retain some of their poisonous toxins after being boiled. Despite this, poke salad remains a popular dish in the southern United States. The mould grows in damp corn after rain and makes the kernels swell up into big, deformed blobs.

The fingered citron or Buddha’s hand is a giant citrus fruit so scary-looking that it has also been named goblin fingers. Mould can grow between the yellow ‘fingers’ but when fresh, the fragrant fruit is used for its zest. Singaporean pig’s organ soup is a mixture of pig intestine, stomach, blood cubes and pork slices. There are vegetables in it too, but you probably wouldn’t notice those. A young Wisconsin factory worker became trapped in a chocolate vat for two hours after he waded into it up to his waist to pull out the plug.

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