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Attaining good fortune within the markets isn't just in regards to the monetary rewards; it truly is approximately eventually being at peace with who you're. luck is a mind set, effortless to think about, tough to accomplish for the mere cause that it calls for that we begin considering and behaving in a different way. the purpose of this brief “book” is to steer you at the route to attaining that good fortune. The truths I percentage with you're meant to inspire, encourage, and lead you in the direction of a happy and fulfilled mind set.

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If you know the markets and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. 141. Most people dabble their way through trading, never deciding to properly test and master a particular trading strategy. Big Mistake! 142. Experience is knowing when to enter a trade and when to exit it. Skill is knowing how to do it. Virtue is doing it. 143. Don’t blame markets for your decisions. Take responsibility, your trading will improve. 144. Nobody's a natural at trading because all of this stuff is counter-intuitive to our nature.

If you are wrong but still make money, you are a trader. 17. It is not whether you win or lose on any particular trade but whether you make money over a set number of trades. 18. Winning in the markets is a function of habits. Unfortunately, so is losing! 19. Experience tells you when to trade; confidence allows you to do it. 20. The more you trade (a proven methodology), the luckier you get! 21. Trade what you actually see, not what you think you see. 22. As traders we have to be able to center ourselves; that is when we can see the markets with the greatest degree of clarity.

Yet, we can improve our chances of those happening at some later point throughout our trading career by taking the time to prepare now. ‘Skills over money’ should be the beginner’s motto. If you keep an open mind filled with childlike curiosity, and if you cultivate an eagerness to learn and build your skills instead of putting your attention right away on the monetary rewards, you will be far ahead of the crowd. People often fail to acknowledge or realize the financial, emotional and time commitments that are required to build a successful trading career.

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