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By G. Harcourt

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The writer studies retrospectively his constructing principles on idea and coverage due to the fact that he first encountered Keynes's writings in 1950. issues lined contain: Keynes now, particularly the arriving again into favour of his such a lot primary principles; highbrow biographies and shorter tributes to economists; and a survey of Post-Keynesian thought.

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Now I am not saying that Paul escaped the Right because he didn’t. He got the remnants of its backlash; but he survived and his book took off. I think that it was a tragedy that it was Samuelson’s book with the Keynesian cross which took over. Many people who have read Tarshis’s text still say that his was the best account of Keynesian economics at a textbook level. It is unfortunate in many respects that we have all been brought up on Samuelson instead of Tarshis. Let me explain why it is a tragedy (this relates very much to why Keynes is still very much alive).

Bennett, J. W. and G. C. Harcourt (1960) ‘Taxation and Business Surplus’, Economic Record, vol. 36, 425–8. Cate, T. ) (1997) An Encyclopedia of Keynesian Economics (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar). Chamberlin, E. H. (1933) The Theory of Monopolistic Competition. A Re-orientation of the Theory of Value (Cambridge: Harvard University Press). Chari, V. V. (1998) ‘Nobel Laureate Robert E. Lucas, Jr: Architect of Modern Macroeconomics’ Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 12, 171–86. Clausewitz, C. Von (1943) Principles of War, translated and edited by Hans W.

So his PhD thesis was never published which was a great tragedy, but he did put Keynes’s model in the 250 pages of his textbook published after the war. This was written in terms of aggregate demand and aggregate supply, which was always his framework of thought, and which he derived from Keynes’s lectures, having been brought up on the Treatise on Money before he did The General Theory. Tarshis fell victim to the US Right Wing. His book was being prescribed by virtually every economics department in America when suddenly the Right got to hear about it, and fearing for the subversion of American youth, got Rose Wilder Lane to write a pamphlet condemning it and sent the pamphlet to every university in America.

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