A Companion to Roma Aeterna: Based on Hans Ørberg’s - download pdf or read online

By Jeanne Neumann, Hans H. Ørberg

ISBN-10: 1585108413

ISBN-13: 9781585108411

A sequel to her favourite A Companion to Familia Romana (now in its moment edition), Jeanne Marie Neumann's A Companion to Roma Aeterna deals a operating statement, in English, of the Latin grammar coated in Hans H. Ørberg's Roma Aeterna, and comprises the total textual content of the Ørberg ancillaries Grammatica Latina and Latin–English Vocabulary II. It additionally serves in its place for Ørberg’s directions, on which it truly is based.

notwithstanding designed specifically for these drawing close Roma Aeterna at an speeded up speed, this quantity can be precious to a person looking an specific exposition of that volume's implicitly provided grammar. as well as many revisions of the textual content, A Companion to Roma Aeterna additionally comprises new devices on cultural context, tied to the narrative content material of the chapter.

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Do the clauses follow one another by an easily comprehensible logic, or must the reader work to piece the sentences together? , longer, carefully constructed sentences whose full meaning is kept somewhat in suspense until the end of the sentence? ▷▷ How are clauses arranged according to rhythm and length? ▷▷ Has the author placed the longest clauses last? ▷▷ Does the author show concern for the rhythm of phrases, especially the last phrase of each sentence (clausula)? ▷▷ Does the author use pairs, tricola, or other numbers of clauses?

204–205) Dative of Interest/Reference The dative case shows that someone or something has a stake in the sentence. Grammar books have many subcategories for the dative case, but if you keep in mind the idea that the verb concerns or affects the person invoked in the dative case, you can work out the best relationship. ” Aeneas is afraid, and his father and son are the people for whom he is afraid. Compare Laocoon’s words: Quidquid id est, timeō Danaōs—et dōna ferentēs! , timeo Danaīs), he would fear for them.

24: Flamininus attacks Elatia. 12: Quinctius and the safety of Greece (how to keep Greece strong enough after the Romans leave—good for thinking about political ramifications of intervention/imperialism). 21: Death (and eulogy) of Attalus. 32–33: Flamininus announces freedom for Greece at the Isthmian Games. 10–15): Palātium prīmum mūnītum est, sed ea moenia quadrāta, quibus Rōmulus, prīmus rēx Rōmānōrum, Palātium mūnīvisse dīcitur iam prīdem periērunt, neque ūlla casa restat ex illā urbe antīquissimā, quae ā fōrmā moenium ‘Rōma quadrāta’ appellābātur, praeter ‘casam Rōmulī’ strāmentō tēctam.

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