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By Bruce C. Donaldson

The sequence builds an intensive choice of prime quality descriptions of languages worldwide. each one quantity deals a complete grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if acceptable, a glossary and different suitable info that is on hand at the language in query. There are not any regulations as to language kin or sector, and even though designated awareness is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and important remedies of higher recognized languages also are incorporated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the one criterion is a excessive general of clinical caliber.

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G. ekskuus 'excuse'. Exception Xhosa, pronounced [klbsa], where [ I I ] represents a click. Y represents the diphthong [31] and is not used to represent the consonant or semi-vowel [j]. g. tipe 'type'. jaar 'year'. Ζ is almost as scarce as q and χ in Afrikaans. g. osoon Ozone', sink 'zinc', ses 'six' (< Dutch zes), huise 'houses' (< Dutch huizen). 1 for their diminutive forms. 10. e. appel 'appeal' follows appel 'apple'. 2. The Afrikaanse Woordelys en Spelreels The generally accepted authority on the official spelling of Afrikaans is the Afrikaanse woordelys en spelreels (first published 1917) which was compiled by, and is periodically revised by, the Taalkommissie of the Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns.

The diphthong oi [oi] Examples: goiing [xoign] Tiessian', toiings [toiarjs] 'tatters'. This diphthong occurs in very few indigenous words. 9). 9. e. 6). 2). 1. e. [ci],11 causes the preceding vowel to diphthongise. This is in fact a form of umlauting. For example: 11 It is traditional to transcribe the diminutive ending -djiel-tjie with [ci] rather than [ki] although [c] is simply an allophone of/k/ in this combination. Pronunciation mat - matjie 'mat' maat - maatjie 'mate' hand - handjie 'hand' aand - aandjie 'evening' wa - waentjie 'wagon' bed - bedjie 'bed' prent -prentjie 'picture' pit -pitjie 'seed, pip' kind — kindjie 'child' pronounced pronounced pronounced pronounced pronounced pronounced pronounced pronounced 11 [maici] (but ma'tjie [ma:cip [ma:ici] (see laaitjie [land])12 [fiaijici] [a:ijici] [va:ijici] [bdci] [prdjici] [p'iici]13 pronounced [k'iijici]13 pot -potjie 'pot' pronounced [poici] pool -pootjie 'paw* pronounced [poici] (see fooitjie [foici]) hond - hondjie 'dog" pronounced [fi oijici] oond - oondjie Oven' pronounced [oijici] voet - voetjie 'foot' pronounced [fuici] put -putjie Svell' pronounced [poeici] punt -puntjie 'point' pronounced [pceijici]14 Sometimes the [i] of the diphthong is transcribed as [j].

G. adventis(te), alkoholis(te), individualistic), joernalis(te), motoris(te), rassis(te). g. indiuidualisme, joemalisme, rassisme. g. kommunisties, rassisties. 5. Agent nouns ending in -ikus There are many nouns denoting agents derived from the Latin ending -ikus in the singular, but -ici (pronounced [isi]) in the plural. e. akademikus or akademikus, akademici or akademici. g. agnostikus I agnostici, fisikus/flsici, musikus/musici, politikus /politici, tegnikus / tegnici. 41 But the very common adjectival ending -ies (= English -iclal]) is not stressed.

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