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My own work has shown that South Atlantic forms no genetic unity with North Atlantic, even on the geographic and typological criteria typically used to unify the group (Childs 2001 b; Childs 2003c ). These fmdings have recently been integrated into a single representation, as shown in Figure 2. I have included only the top part of the figure down to just beyond Bijogo. The figure shows North Atlantic and South Atlantic as independent branches separating from the Niger-Congo stock at approximately the same time, but Bijogo separating much later.

3) gb6p [gb6ph] pot [p6th] p5k [p5kh] 'tress, plait' 'weak, lazy' 'country' cap [dph] ret [reth] lek [l£kh] 'start' 'bitterball' 'horn' Codas are important to the language; the "strength" of this position can be seen in a number of phenomena: in the aspiration shown in (3), in the fact that /r/ is trilled finally (elsewhere it is a tap), and in the presence of a short vowel after the two liquids when they appear finally. Two of the phonemic voiceless stops, It/ and /c/, have overlapping allophones.

Name' (cf. Kisi: dio) 'regard, look at' Such alternations are common in Mande and even in Northern Branch languages, where consonants often participate in an extensive system of consonant mutation or consonant alternation (see Childs 2003a:73-75). In Kisi there are phonological processes that change [1] to [d] after a nasal in certain environments but no unconditioned lid alternations. In each case of an lid alternation in Mani, there are clues as to the original or earlier form. In the case of the borrowing, the clue is in the non-variant form in the source language.

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