David M. Golomb's A Grammar of Targum Neofiti PDF

By David M. Golomb

ISBN-10: 0891308911

ISBN-13: 9780891308911

E-book by means of Golomb, David M.

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But only when he has to. And what sport do you like? I play tennis. And I swim. Vocabulary aky futbal chory ked' what kind of? football ill, sick when len lenivy rna rad/rada rnas raid/rada only lazy s/he likes you like ---- mus! musief nejaky niekedy plavam plavaf s/he has to, must to have to some sometimes I swim to swim sport tenis viete vedief volejbal sport tennis you know to know volleyball La n g u a g e poi nts 'To like' In the phrase mat' rad 'to like' (lit. 'to have glad') rad becomes rada if the subject is female: Igor ma rad vodu.

Ale Viera vie po anglicky. But Viera knows English. Similarly, with hovorif 'to speak' and ataf 'to read': Jan hovori a ata (po) nemecky. Jan speaks and reads German. g. slovensky list 'a Slovak letter', anglick8 kniha 'an English book', rusky roman 'a Russian novel'. 29 Nouns for languages end in -ina: slovencina 'Slovak', angliCtina 'English', nemcma 'German', cestina 'Czech', mad'arcina 'H ungarian', pofstina 'Polish', rustina ' Russian', francuzstina 'French'. g. slovensky jazyk 'the Slovak language'.

Female surnames Female surnames ending in -ova behave like adjectives. Surnames in -y have female -a. Pani 'Mrs' is invariable with surnames: To je pani Vilikovsk8. This is Mrs Vilikovska. Do you know Mrs Vilikovska? Poznate pani Vilikovsku? Pan Kovac a pani Kovacova Mr Kovac and Mrs Kovacova aren't at home. nie su doma. ' you use kto: Kto je to? Who is it? ------- But if 'who? ' is the object it becomes koho: Who are you looking for? Koho hfadas? Similarly, niekto 'someone' changes to niekoho: Is somebody there?

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