Lichtenberk, Frantisek's A Grammar of Toqabaqita (Mouton Grammar Library) PDF

By Lichtenberk, Frantisek

ISBN-10: 3110195879

ISBN-13: 9783110195873

Toqabaqita is an Austronesian language spoken by means of nearly 13,000 humans at the island of Malaita within the south-eastern Solomon Islands. This two-volume grammar is the 1st complete description of the language, according to the author's box paintings. The grammar offers with the phonology, morphology, syntax, and discourse styles of the language, in addition to with its touch with Solomon Islands Pijin. will probably be of designated curiosity to typologists and to experts in Austronesian linguistics.

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In some cases, fusion is obligatory. Obligatory fusion involves certain combinations of grammatical words: when two or three such words occur next to each other, fusion must take place. The reduced forms in which morphemes that obligatorily undergo fusion occur are referred to in the grammar as the “combining” forms of those morphemes. ) Fusion is obligatory when certain postverbal particles occur next to each other. A few examples are given in (2-79). ) 36 Phonology (2-79) a. b. n/ and ASRT/INTS c.

F. /agdba/ ‘hide’ /gdb'n/ ‘mushroom’ /gdb+na/ ‘be wet’ /w/ occurs almost without exception only word-initially and stem-initially before /a/ and /'/: (2-21) a. b. c. d. a-wa'la/ CAUS-laugh /w'la/ /w''-w'la/ RDP-child ‘worm’ ‘make sb. +/ ‘of illness: ease a little’. a/, which does not appear to be analyzable. /6/ ([&] intervocalically) occurs primarily word-initially and stem-initially before /a/, although it does occur in a few words in other environments. ) (2-22) a. c. st. ‘be ready’ b. 2 Phonotactics d.

OBJ ‘cure him/her/it’ b. single ‘young, single man’ [wayndapra:a] The presence of a monosyllabic suffix may result in the addition of stress to the base. This happens when the base has two final unstressed syllables as an independent word, and the addition of the suffix would result in three unstressed syllables next to each other. For example: (2-40) a. /77s+/ [7p:7s+] ‘buy’ and /77s+-a/ buy-DVN ‘market’ [7y:7s+p‹] b. OBJ ‘wait for him/her/it’ c. OBJ ‘scold him/her’ The addition or a word-final monosyllabic suffix to a disyllabic base does not affect the stress: 22 Phonology (2-41) a.

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