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For the assimilatory process here), LOG yum-nya, DAT yum-gu, Adverbial yum-barra; ABS langganin 'billabong', LOG langgan-nya, etc. , Absolutive marranyin 'sand, sugar', has alternative inflected forms Ablative marranyin-ba or marrany-ba, 'having' forms marranyin-garang or marrany-garang, and so on. In my data the reduced forms are more common than unreduced for trisyllabic -Nin stems. , there would have remained a cluster after syllable reduction), were found not to conform to the -Nin pattern described above, but rather reduced only -n, or not at all.

So far as I know, Wardaman has not been written and no other practical spelling system has ever been devised for it. The phonemes of Wardaman are displayed in Table 1. Table 1. Phonemes of Wardaman Bilabial ApicoAlveolar ApicoDomal LaminoPalatal Velar Stops b d rd J g Nasals m n rn ny ng Laterals 1 rl iy Rhotics IT r w Semivowels Vowels i e u ο a For each stop, there is a corresponding nasal. There are five stop-nasal series (as in neighbouring Mangarrayi, Merlan 1982; and Wardaman's congeners Yangman and Dagoman, but unlike Wakiman to the north which, as noted in Chapter 1, has only four points of articulation, and lacks the distinction between apico-alveolar and apico-domal series, Cook 1987: 24).

Under that condition, the preceding vowel serves as an environment in which retroflexion is maintained. In this sense, this environment is analogous to that in which the consonant is preceded by a prefix ending in a vowel within the verbal word. , nga-narri Ί saw him/her/it'. Out of silence, however, that is 26 Chapters after pause, the initial apical consonant in the verb of our examples, "to see", makes the auditory impression of being plain alveolar: # [narri]. Secondly, word-internally within a verb form, any initial retroflex consonant of a verb root is realized as plain alveolar when preceded by a nasal as the last segment of a prefix.

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