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‘Phags-pa chinese language is the earliest kind of the chinese to be written in a systematically devised alphabetic script. it really is named after its writer, a super thirteenth-century Tibetan scholar-monk who additionally served as political adviser to Kublai Khan. ‘Phags-pa’s invention of an alphabet for the Mongolian language is still an awfully very important accomplishment, either conceptually and virtually. With it he completed not anything below the construction of a unified script for all the quite a few peoples within the Mongolian empire, together with the critical Asian Turks and Sinitic-speaking Chinese.‘Phags-pa is of tremendous significance for the examine of premodern chinese language phonology. notwithstanding, the script is tough to learn and interpret, and secondary fabrics on it are scattered and never simply acquired. the current booklet is meant as a pragmatic advent to ‘Phags-pa chinese language reports and a consultant for analyzing and analyzing the script. It includes elements. the 1st half is an introductory part comprising 4 chapters. this can be by means of a thesaurus of ‘Phags-pa chinese language varieties and their corresponding chinese language characters, including p?ny?n and stroke order indexes to these characters. the 1st introductory bankruptcy outlines the discovery of the ‘Phags-pa writing procedure, summarizes the most important varieties of fabric preserved in it, and describes the old and linguistic contexts within which this invention happened. Following chapters aspect the heritage of ‘Phags-pa reviews, the alphabet and its interpretation, and the salient gains of the underlying sound method represented by way of the script, evaluating it with these of varied later kinds of chinese language which have been recorded in alphabetic sources.A guide of ‘Phags-pa chinese language could be of exact curiosity to chinese language ancient phonologists and students fascinated with the background and tradition of China and significant Asia in the course of the Yuan interval (1279–1368 A.D.).

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Incidental references to the 'Phags-pa script 23 A Handbook of 'Phags-pa Chinese began to appear in early nineteenth century sources (see Nakano 1971: 8, n. 4, and 19, n. 11, for examples). The first systematic contribution in the field was by von der Gabelentz (1839). A more general study was Pauthier (1862). The mid and later part of the century saw an increasing concern with the Juyongguan 5Mim wall inscriptions. An important early example is Wylie (1870), which also gives a summary of 'Phags-pa studies up until that time.

Each approach is useful in its own way, and the two can be said to complement each other. An even "broader" reconstruction is offered by Ning (1997: 185-188). Jiinast and Yfmg also provide a syllabic index (150-157) for the MGZY text that is somewhat comparable to the synopsis given by Nakano. Their table is arranged by page number of the original manuscript and gives below this the 'Phags-pa orthographic head forms for each entry line, in romanized transcription. These forms are not numbered, but in subsequent references to them they are nonetheless denoted by number.

5 u shang E. 32 The 'Phags-pa Alphabet 763. A 437. ~ 0 qu on qu ~ m The second syllable type, which comprises over 99% of the syllables in the system, consists at the minimum of an initial consonant or semivowel, which serves as the "anchor" of the syllable. In the manner of Indic alphabets, if no other vocalic information is added, the initial consonant or semivowel embodies an inherent vowel a. For example, the letter ~ th-, when written alone, will yield: S2. ~ tha ru ~ The inherent a is overridden by the addition of a vowel sign, which is written below the anchoring consonant.

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