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Are not the phrases "Medieval Islam" a redundancy? whilst has Islam ever now not been "Medieval"? for instance, with the intention to examine the heritage of the "Dark Ages", you'll examine eighth and ninth century Europe, otherwise you may examine any Arab nation at the present time that is guided via Islamic principles.

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A distinction, never to be obliterated, was drawn between Dar al-lslam, the house or abode of Islam, and Dar al-Harb, the abode of war, of those who rejected Allah and his Prophet and were therefore deemed to be in state of enmity with those of the true faith. Muhammad’s position at Medina was for a time uncertain. The Emigrants were probably fitted with some trouble into Medina society; the Medinan converts, the Ansar or Helpers, doubtless soon included many who joined the umma from interest rather than conviction, and whose loyalty was therefore suspect; the pagans held sullenly aloof, and the Prophet was surprised and irritated to find his claims contemptuously repudiated by the Jews.

Every detail of his actions on this occasion was carefully noted and imitated by his disciples: the rites and ceremonies which he had endorsed by his example and presence became standard Muslim practice. He was now over sixty years of age, and his health was failing. On his return to Medina, he fell ill and requested Abu Bakr to lead the prayers in his place. On June 8, 632, he died in the house of A’isha, the best loved of his wives. The faithful were stricken with grief and incredulity, and the violent and impetuous Omar threatened to cut off the hands and feet of anyone who dared assert that the Prophet was dead.

Haritha, was despatched to the Syrian border and was cut to pieces by Roman frontier guards at Mu’ta, a village on the slopes of Hawran. The object of this raid is obscure: perhaps it was designed to secure the submission of the local Arab tribes and unexpectedly ran into a Roman border patrol. At all events, it was the opening shot in the conflict between Christendom and Islam which was to rage throughout the centuries. Early in 630 Mecca capitulated. Since the failure of the siege of Medina in 627 it had been clear that peace would have to be made with Muhammad, and with the tide now running strongly in favour of Islam, the Kuraish leader, Abu Sufyan, the head of the Omayya clan, undertook to arrange for a peaceful occupation of the city by the Muslims.

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