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By Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

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4. e. g. /bloed-bank/ in (7). Whether such derivations must be avoided or not has since been a point of debate. Pullum (p. ] does not reveal any basis for a general constraint that would prohibit” the gambit. More recently, claiming the undesirability of a gambit analysis, Halle & Idsardi (1997:344-345) analysed the English ‘intrusive r’ phenomenon using a version of the Elsewhere Condition as a blocking device on rule application. This issue will briefly return below. 5. Some of the literature (Booij 1995, Grijzenhout and Krämer) discusses the voice behaviour of ‘clitics’ (articles, some adverbs, special forms of personal pronouns).

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A Reference Grammar of Pashto by Habibullah Tegey - Barbara Robson

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