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There's something either unhappy and creepy approximately an deserted enjoyment park. possibly its simply because a spot that used to be full of enjoyable seekers has turn into slowly packed with weeds. or even its as the sound of children excited laughter has been changed with the quiet creaking of rusted rides. while the single viewers are the spirits of these who died there in the past, an leisure park could be a frightening position to go to. one of the eleven enjoyment parks during this booklet, youngsters will find a curler coaster left to rot after approximately killing its passengers, a subject matter park that's now domestic to alligators and snakes, and the ghost of a guy who's nonetheless attempting to take a trip on a Ferris wheel that stopped operating years in the past. The haunting photos and chilling nonfiction textual content will preserve young children turning the pages to find extra spooky tales.

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Pripyat, Ukraine Kamikuishiki, Japan I ndian Ocean Aust r a l i a Sou t hern Ocean A NTA RC T I C A 29 Glossary abandoned (uh-BAN-duhnd) left empty and no longer being used arson (AR-suhn) the crime of purposely setting a fire derailed (dee-RAYLD) ran off the tracks paralyzed (PA-ruh-lyezd) unable to move parts of one’s body dormant (DOR-muhnt) when a volcano has not erupted for a very long time, but could erupt again penny arcade (PEN-ee ar-KAYD) a building with rows of coin-operated games electrocuted (i-LEK-truh-kyoot-id) killed by a strong electric shock pier (PEER) a structure built over water that is used as a walkway or a landing place for boats evacuated (i-VAK-yoo-ayt-id) when people are moved away from an area because it is dangerous famine (FAM-in) a shortage of food ferries (FEHR-eez) boats that travel back and forth between one place and another pilings (PYE-lingz) long columns driven into the ground that are used to hold up a pier radiation (ray-dee-AY-shuhn) a form of energy that can be very dangerous when not properly controlled gondola (GON-duh-luh) a car that travels along a cable high above the ground reactors (ree-AK-turz) machines in which a substance called uranium is split to produce nuclear energy guardrail (GARD-rail) a rail that is used for protection, such as one along the side of a highway or roller coaster track rubble (RUHB-uhl) broken pieces of rock, brick, concrete, and other building materials hurricane (HUR-uh-kayn) a storm that forms over the ocean, with heavy rains and fast winds of at least 74 miles per hour (119 kph) safety inspector (SAYF-tee in-SPEK-tur) someone who checks or examines things to make sure they work properly and will not harm anyone levees (LEV-eez) high walls of dirt and rocks built alongside a river to stop flooding spinal cord (SPY-nuhl KORD) nerve tissue that runs down a person’s back and carries messages from the brain to nerves in the body licensed (LYE-suhnsd) given legal permission to do something luge (LOOZH) a small sled that a person rides while lying on his or her back 30 nuclear (NOO-klee-ur) having to do with a type of energy that is produced by splitting atoms Stock Market Crash (STOK MAR-kit KRASH) a time in late October 1929 when stocks and bonds suddenly lost value, causing many people to lose their savings Bibliography Rabinovitz, Lauren.

32 [ Intentionally Left Blank ] There is something both sad and creepy about an abandoned amusement park. Perhaps it’s because a place that was once packed with fun seekers has become slowly choked with weeds. Or maybe it’s because the sound of children’s excited laughter has been replaced with the quiet creaking of rusted rides. When the only visitors are the spirits of those who died there many years ago, an amusement park can be a very scary place to visit. Within the 11 amusement parks in this book, you will discover a roller coaster left to rot after nearly killing its passengers, deserted rides that are now home to alligators and snakes, and the ghost of a man who is still trying to ride a Ferris wheel that stopped working years ago.

Com/ScaryPlaces 31 Index Action Park 22–23, 28 Big Dipper roller coaster 6–7 Chernobyl nuclear power plant 11 Comet roller coaster 24–25 Cronkite, Walter 17 Dartmouth, Massachusetts 24–25, 28 Disney, Walt 17 Electric Park 16–17, 28 Erie Beach Amusement Park 20–21, 28 Mercer County, West Virginia 12–13, 28 Mount Fuji 26–27 New Orleans, Louisiana 18–19, 28 Old Indiana Fun Park 14–15, 28 Omaha, Nebraska 6–7, 28 Ontario, Canada 20–21, 28 Pacific Ocean Park 8–9, 28 Pripyat, Ukraine 10–11, 29 Gulliver’s Kingdom 26–27, 29 Santa Monica, California 8–9, 28 Six Flags New Orleans 18–19, 28 Hunt, Emily 15 Hurricane Katrina 18–19 Thorntown, Indiana 14–15, 28 Kamikuishiki, Japan 26–27, 29 Kansas City, Missouri 16–17, 28 Krug Park 6–7, 28 Vernon Township, New Jersey 22–23, 28 Z–Boys 9 Lake Shawnee Amusement Park 12–13, 28 Lincoln Amusement Park 24–25, 28 About the Author Dinah Williams is an editor and children’s book author.

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