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By Luciana Parisi

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18 Rather, it deploys the impact of the organic stratum on the biocultural order of the body–sex exposed by the entropy of equilibrium, the evolutionary variations of populations, technical reproduction, the anatomical and psychoanalytical integration of sex and death. Such an impact defines the complexity of the biocultural strata able to affect social and 23 ABS T RA C T S E X economic organizations by being affected by the organic entanglement between sex, reproduction and death (meiotic sex) enveloped within the body.

According to Deleuze, the disappearance of disciplinary walls has not dissipated biodisciplinary power, but has extended its effects onto the microscales of the body–culture, body–politics and body–desire. 20 Short-term investments in molecular information outside the logic of linear reproduction enable bio-informatic capital to overcome the limits of death, turning organic finitude into indefinite recombination. No longer is it necessary to exorcise death through reproductive procreation. 21 Genetic engineering and cybercommunication are the new channels of capitalization that connect turbulent flows of information to flows of money.

The leap from the organic to the biocultural levels of stratification corresponds to the process of overcodification that Deleuze and Guattari explain as a translation on a new level of organization (1987). Overcodification involves a transduction (viral conversion or mutation) of the organic patterns of multicellular communication and reproduction – meiotic sex – on the biocultural level, spreading the biophysical entanglement between sex, reproduction and death (meiotic sex) across social and economic spheres.

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