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HES cell isolation from embryos that were specifically created for this purpose from donated human sperm and oocytes was reported by Lanzendorf et al. (21). In their study, insemination of 142 donated oocytes gave 68% fertilization and 50% blastocyst development rates, respectively. Forty blastocysts were used for immunosurgery, resulting in 18 distinct ICM structures and eventually 3 hES cell lines. Since embryos were produced from gametes of healthy donors, it remains to be argued whether better embryo development and hES cell derivation rates can be obtained with current technology.

BMP4 initiates human embryonic stem cell differentiation to trophoblast. Nat Biotechnol 20 (12): 1261–1264. 71. Pera, M. , J. Andrade, S. Houssami, B. Reubinoff, A. Trounson, E. G. Stanley, D. Ward-van Oostwaard, and C. Mummery. 2004. Regulation of human embryonic stem cell differentiation by BMP-2 and its antagonist noggin. J Cell Sci 117 (Pt 7): 1269–1280. 72. , J. M. Gonsalves, A. T. Clark, and R. A. Pera. 2006. Bone morphogenetic proteins induce germ cell differentiation from human embryonic stem cells.

Cdx2 gene expression and trophectoderm lineage specification in mouse embryos. Science 311 (5763): 992–996. 34. , J. A. Grifo, and L. C. Krey. 2004. Candidate lineage marker genes in human preimplantation embryos. Reprod Biomed Online 8 (5): 577–583. 35. Edwards, R. G. 2005. Genetics of polarity in mammalian embryos. Reprod Biomed Online 11 (1): 104–114. 36. Fong, C. , M. Richards, and A. Bongso. 2006. Unsuccessful derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines from pairs of human blastomeres. Reprod Biomed Online 13 (2): 295–300.

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