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By Bruno Ernst

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Describes the equipment that are used to build fascinating very unlikely figures which may tease the attention and baffle the mind's eye. Copious examples are drawn from the author's personal paintings and the fertile mind's eye of Escher and Oscare Reutersvard.

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It is both a social norm and its own reward. ” Crocombe writes (2001, 159): ‘The Pacific Way’ was used from 1970 to summarize common values, practices and sentiments in the region which differed from those of the Europeans and Asians. These include emphasis on distribution and consumption as against saving and investment; priority for extensive kinship networks; spending a high proportion of time and resources on ceremonies associated with initiation, marriage, death, accession to chiefly titles and other community events; and a lower priority for work time and output.

These talks were supplemented with newspaper articles, research in the government archives and the Office of Statistics, attending gallery openings, working side-by-side with some of the artists in this study, and living with a Rarotongan Maori family. In addition, I also collected the data to perform a network analysis of the art world as it existed in the crucial 2002–2003 period of the arts explosion. These pieces come together to present a detailed picture of an art world at a critical moment in its formation.

The islands that now make up the Cooks were not traditionally one political or cultural unit. Although sharing many cultural similarities, until the arrival of Westerners, the islands were autonomous. The indigenous language spoken on Pukapuka in the north, for example, is much closer to Samoan than to Rarotongan Maori. ” This constructed identity attempts to build nationhood within the Cooks and to culturally distinguish the Cooks from other Polynesian societies. As population change and movement among the islands works to increase the cultural dominance of Rarotonga, “Cook Islands Maori” is becoming increasingly identified with Rarotonga.

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