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This way of understanding their mathematics has great advantages for mathematics education and puts us in education, we think, in an appropriate frame of reference. No longer is the sole focus on the abstracted adult concepts and operations, and no longer is children’s mathematical development conflated with those abstracted concepts and operations. Rather, the focus is on the living systems that children comprise and the problem is to understand how to bring the subsystems called mathematics of these living systems forth, and how to bring modifications in these subsystems forth.

However, I regard mathematics for children as consisting of those concepts and operations that children might learn (Steffe 1988). But rather than regard these concepts as being a part of my own mathematical knowledge, I base mathematics for children on the mathematics that I have observed children actually learn. Essentially, mathematics for children cannot be specified a priori and must be experientially abstracted from the observed modifications children make in their mathematical activity. That is, mathematics for children can be known only through interpreting changes in children’s mathematical activity.

1. An attentional pattern: Sensory-motor item. OII…IO a b k 3 Operations That Produce Numerical Counting Schemes 29 pattern used in recognition rerecords at least some prior records of operating and perhaps records novel sensory material. In this case, assimilation involves selection and variation and opens the possibility for modification of the recognition template (the activated attentional pattern). Realizing that selection and variation can be involved in assimilation highlights the importance of repeated experience in the construction of object concepts (Cooper 1990).

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