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The fundamental rules of mechanical engineering are Isaac Newton's 3 legislation of movement concerning strength, acceleration and deceleration, and activities and reactions. operating with those easy ideas, cutting-edge engineers proceed to create innovations that make our lives more uncomplicated.

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Now that you have demonstrated the theorem, can you prove it mathematically? NUMBERS MATCHES IN THE FIST If you add all the digits of a number and subtract the total from the original number, you’ll find that the answer will always be a multiple of nine. An entertaining mind-reading trick can be based on this curious fact. Hand an unused folder of paper matches to someone. Turn your back and request him to follow these instructions: 1. Tear out any number of matches from 1 to 10 and put them in his pocket.

Now hold the stocking in the air and see how it fills out as though an invisible leg were inside. The effect is due to a strong static charge on the nylon. Because like charges repel each other, the sides of the stocking billow as far apart as possible. ” The principle of feedback isn’t hard to understand. A wall thermostat, for example, “feeds back” to the furnace information about the temperature in a room, and the amount of heat is adjusted constantly to maintain a steady temperature. For a demonstration of a simple feedback mechanism, try this stunt: Rest the ends of a yardstick on your two index fingers as shown.

1 shows a three-cusped hypocycloid, called the “deltoid,” that results when the rolling circle has a diameter one-third that of the larger circle. See if you can guess the shape of a hypocycloid generated by a small circle with a diameter exactly one-half that of the large circle (Fig. 2). Then test your intuition by cutting a cardboard circle of the right size and rolling it around the inside of the rim of a circular pie pan. You’ll be surprised at the answer! FIG. 1 FIG. 2 GEOMETRICAL SHORTCUT FIG.

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