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Henry John Roby (1830-1915) was once a Cambridge-educated classicist whose influential occupation incorporated sessions as a schoolmaster, professor of Roman legislation, businessman, academic reformer and Member of Parliament. undemanding Latin Grammar (1862) is an entire, concise creation to the Latin language. Written for lecture room use, it provides crucial grammatical buildings within the clearest attainable demeanour, utilizing abundant fabric from the classical authors as demonstrations of simple ideas. The ebook publications the reader via noun and adjective declensions and the total array of verb conjugations sooner than turning to prosody and syntax, the place Roby's options in Latin guideline are most blatant. basic, direct, and established upon examples together with texts through Livy and Cicero, the ebook exhibits scholars tips to parse uncomplicated sentences whereas additionally introducing them to extra sophisticated and complicated structures. It continues to be an invaluable source for academics of Latin, and a desirable record within the background of schooling.

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Te Plural. Nom. } Acc. S 'V AbL ( v5bls 2. Reflexive Pronoun, referring to subject of sentence. Singular and Plural. Ace. se (or sese), himself, herself, themselves Dat. slbi Abl. se (or sese) 26 Of Pronouns. § 56. The genitives of ego and tu were mis and Us, but these became obsolete after Plautus' time, and in place of the genitive of these pronouns and of se, the adjectives meus (voc. masc. mi), mine; noster, ours; tuus, thine; vester, yours; suus, his, her, or their are used* For the (a) possessive genitive, they are used as adjectives ; as, mea manus, my liand.

Quaqua, j way. quoquo, how far ? nusquam, nmvhere. quatSnus ? as far as. o ( — ow, accus. ) whither? Quo, whither. Iiilc, hither. co, thither. istuc, to your place. illilc, to that place. eodein, to the same place. hactSnus, thus far. eate"nus, go far. aliquat&nus, to some point. quadamtSnus, to a certain point. e. thitherwards ? quoversum) whitherwards. B. The c in alicubi, sicubi, necubi, &c. shows the original form of uhi, viz. cvhi, the dative of cuis quis, contracted into cui. So sicimde, &c.

They were loving, &c. d\ebat widxebdmus nudiebdtis aadiebant legebam legebas legebdt legebdmtcs legebdtis legebant INDICATIVE MOOD. III. C-4. i anx&visti amawt amiwistis aw&verunt or nm&vere am&veram a,ma,verds amiiver&t am&verdmus wa&verdtis am&vercmt Future.

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