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N 1/, we havef1 D 1 t t , which shows that fm is equal to the left-handP side of (8). tn (9) Writing . 1 t//m=mŠ D 1 nDm an;m nŠ , and taking the derivatives of both sides, we have . n 1/Š This shows that an;m satisfies the same recurrence formula as verify the initial conditions. n m . 7. Sometimes the Stirling numbers are defined by the formulas (2) and (3) in this proposition. 1) and (7) in this proposition, we give a proof of the formulas that were left unproved in the previous chapter (p. 17).

N 1/Š nD1 i D0 nD1 1. Thus t u which concludes the proof. 13. Conversely, if we define Bn by the formula in the above theorem, then we have ! 2). 12 are equivalent. 4. 4 revisited). If n is an odd integer greater than or equal to 3, then Bn D 0. Proof. It suffices to show that the formal power series odd-degree terms. e t 1 C 1/ D 2 et 1 t et et 1 t 2 does not have any t t t D t C 2 e 1 2 and . t/e t e t 1 . t/ t t t t D C ; C D t 2 1 et 2 e 1 2 22 t et et 1 1 Bernoulli Numbers is invariant under the substitution t !

By definition, f is a divisor of f . 3 (primitive character). A Dirichlet character primitive if f D f . 2 Generalized Bernoulli Numbers 53 Let be a Dirichlet character modulo f . Since . 1/2 D .. 1/ D 1, we see that . 1/ D ˙1. A Dirichlet character with . 1/ D 1 is called an even character. A character with . 1/ D 1 is called an odd character. a/. We have f D f . 4. Define j W Z ! j D 0; 1; 2; 3/ as follows. e. j D 0; 1; 2; 3/. j D 0; 1; 2; 3/ are all the Dirichlet characters modulo 8. D 1 2 / is not primitive, with f 3 D 4.

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