An outline of Silozi grammar - download pdf or read online

By George Fortune, Mubanga E. Kashoki

ISBN-10: 9982241591

ISBN-13: 9789982241595

First released as a bankruptcy in Language in Zambia: Grammatical Sketches through the Institute of African reports (now the Institute of monetary and Social study) in 1977, this is often the second one in a sequence of person courses on Zambian languages and grammar. The purpose of the sequence is to spice up the meagre scholarship and availability of academic fabrics on Zambian languages, which grew to become relatively in pressing in 1996, following the choice of the Zambian executive to revert to the coverage of utilizing neighborhood languages as media of guideline. This quantity offers a grammatical caricature of Lozi, a language with regards to the Sotho language staff, and one of many languages spoken because the lingua franca everywhere in the Western Province of Zambia. it's spoken at the primary Barotse undeniable to the north and south of Mongu and on both sides of the Zambezi river, all of the solution to Livingstone, the place it's the major African language in use, and a substantial distance inland. it's the moment administrative language of the rustic after English. The research offers a entire survey of the entire significant grammatical gains of the language.

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Nuflí-Jìli (trouble) (3) kacirna-cima (irritablen€ss) (12) síco seosinlnúlïnatí (that food is very pleasant) (3) Nominal Conttructioni baJed on Verb RadicalÍ the prefl\ appearsto combinewiú terminalvowelsto In lheseconstÍuctions formoneconstituenltheverbmdicalsbeingúe other. muJim-i (farmer) bu-pil-o (health) 0) (14) cp. -lim- (cultivate) cp. g. le (hândbell) cp. ngele (ringing) sikwakwakwa (machinegun) cP. l a (report of gun) Nominal ConJtructiont of, Clatt la with prefixal formatives/Ë/ (often masculine)and/ra-l (oft€n feÍninine) ar€ commonin the dictionary.

G. g. -boÍ- (bind) -utvÌ-ang' (hearoften) cp. Jahtr- (getdrunk) (3) /-irit-/ (lntensive:thorouú, effectiveãction) (understandthoroughÌy) cp. g. g. cp. y up) cp. -om- (dÌy) -/ìt-elel- (pass ght thrcugh) cp. -ft- (passby) Thìs extensiontakesthe forn l-elez-l afrer radicalsending in lc, j. e. alveolaror palatalstops,spirântsând nasâls. g. -biz-elez- (callall) b) V€rbal extensionsìr,,hichrestrict the collocational relationships of verb rad;calsand verb phmses, (5),/-Ír"-/(Associâtive: actionor stateaffectingpartsof awholein common) e-9.

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