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Utilizing computational ideas and a posh variable formula, this publication teaches the coed of kinematics to address more and more tricky difficulties in either the research and layout of mechanisms all in keeping with the elemental loop closure equation.

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However, if one is to assign numbers to these vectors, say, for digital computation, it is necessary to choose a specific coordinate system. It is almost always most convenient to attach the coordinate system (reference frame) to the frame of the mechanism. This will be done throughout this text unless it is noted specifically. 7 Illustration of the conversion of a cam-follower pair to a four-vector diagram: (a) the physical mechanism; (b) the vector diagram. 8 A four-bar linkage in a two-dimensional Cartesian frame.

It points in the direction a right-hand thread screw would move when the first vector is turned into the second. This handedness means that the cross product does not commute: A x B =£ B x A. 6) The length of the cross product is the product of the two lengths multiplied by the sine of the (smaller) angle between them. The cross product of two parallel (or antiparallel) vectors is zero; therefore, the cross product of any vector with itself is zero. , Greenspan and Benney 1973). I have included it here as review, to introduce consistent notation and to make this text self-contained.

1 shows a Cartesian system and a point P. The coordinates of P are xP, yP, Zp. Let there be a second point Q with coordinates xQ, yQ, ZQ. Imagine a link connecting points P and Q. The link has an existence quite independent of the coordinate system. How can the description of the link be made independent as well? 1 A point P in a Cartesian coordinate system, showing the coordinates of the point, xP, y P , zP. VECTOR ANALYSIS A vector is a directed line segment. It has length and direction. In general, its location in space is not important.

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