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15 D. Clarity of liquid products. Turbid solutions may indicate (protein) precipitation or growth of micro-organisms. E. pH of the product. g. deamidation or proteolysis may have occurred. F. Conductivity of the liquid product The answers to question A-F may either give a lead for direct problem solution (the so-called obvious case) for instance by better controlling the manufacturing, transport and/or storage of the enzyme product. e. with the exception of the enzyme activity = A), we are entering into stage II in which we will focus on the enzyme molecule itself.

For enzymes this means the Stokes' radius of the globular molecule. Although the solid phase of the column is made as inert as possible, too often aspecific interactions between enzymes and the matrix are encountered that result in an elution behaviour that deviates from the theory! This limits the applicability of this technique. e. the occurrence and distribution of charges and hydrophobic amino acids. A small sieving effect and some aspecific interactions are also present as a consequence of the structure of the resin.

Technol. 7 (1985) 50. 6. E. T. , Dordrecht, 1994. 7. R. Mahoney and T. Wilder. J. , 55 (1988) 423. 8. W. van den Tweel, A. Harder and R. ), Stability and Stabilization of Enzymes, pp 111-131, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1993. 9. I. Thomas and M. Legoy. Enzyme Microb. Technol. 12 (1990) 506. Nomenclature A molar activity ratio between initial and intermediate stage e enzyme activity e0 initial enzyme activity F actose feed flow-rate k~t catalytic rate constant k~ first-order transition rate constants Km Michaelis constant for lactose Kp inhibition constant by galactose R universal gas constant R 2 determination coefficient s lactose concentration so initial (inlet) lactose concentration S cross section of reactor t time T temperature v reaction rate Vma~maximum reaction rate ( = l~t.

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