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By Thomas J. Samuelian

ISBN-10: 0781802075

ISBN-13: 9780781802079

Publication via Samuelian, Thomas J.

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5 Summary This chapter has explored the internal structure of words. It began by noting that the morphemes of which words are made up may be either free, that is units that may stand alone as words in their own right, or bound, that is units that can occur only as parts of words. The phenomenon of morphemic alternation - the way in which morphemes may be realized in varying ways - was also dealt with. The chapter then moved on to discuss the distinction between 'lexical' morphology - morphology involved in word formation and inflectional morphology - morphology involved in fitting words to their grammatical environment.

I wanted to go to Philip's party, but Robert, my boyfriend, hates spending time around that particular crowd, so we decided instead to sample one of the latest delights on offer down at the local multiplex cinema. As it turned out, we both enjoyed the film in question, but we definitely did not appreciate the two guys sitting in front of us, who were very tall and very noisy. 2. Consider the following words. Try to identify which of them respectively exemplify compounding, derivation and inflection.

However, a number of recent approaches to grammar, which take much of their inspiration from Valency Grammar and which are grouped together under the general heading of Dependency Grammar, extend the basic valency idea to other lexical categories such as adjectives and nouns. It is clear, for example, that the valency of the adjective tall (which can 'stand alone' in qualifying a noun) differs from that of the adjective susceptible (which requires something further): The professor is tall. The professor is susceptible to pressure.

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Armenian Dictionary in Transliteration: Western Pronunciation : Armenian-English English-Armenian by Thomas J. Samuelian

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